Law firm

Law firm Rebecchi & Barbieri Rebecchi & Barbieri is a professional association founded in 1999 between Avv. Pier Giorgio Rebecchi (Attorney in Modena since 1985) and Avv. Lorenzo Barbieri (Attorney in Modena since 1992, now also in Venice) and located in strong business areas.

Over the years, the law firm maintained both offices (one located in Modena, the other in Venice), increasing its staff and offering a specialized assistance in the following matters: civil, commercial, labor law, financial, transports, insurance, Italian and international business.

The law firm also develops the activity of company lawyer in all its ramification, from legal advice, to contractual and corporate assistance, labor relations with employees, agents, collaborators and suppliers in general.

Law firm Rebecchi & BarbieriOur clients are especially companies, dealing with leasing solutions, transports, expeditions and logistics, insurance agencies and small-medium enterprises specialized in different industrial sectors such as mechanical, ceramic, bio-medical, food-farming. In the last decade, as a consequence of companies’ outsourcing and expansion processes out of Italy, the law firm established foreign business correspondence and representation, in order to assure to its clients a specialized assistance in the overture of new societies and joint ventures.

The law firm has also skills in civil and commercial law, especially referring to labor law and contracts of companies, societies, leasing, insurances and transports in general. In particular, the law firm has followed operations in Cina, South Korea, Singapor, USA, Dubai, South Africa, Germany, Romania and Serbia.