Activity areas

The Firm deals with civil and commercial law, with particular reference to the subjects of labour law, business contracts, society law, insurance and transport law in general. The clients are mainly composed either of businesses, or of insurance companies.

Civil and Commercial Law

Law firm Rebecchi & BarbieriPrevention for the businesses means a cost reduction, because (that’s is rather sad to say) the well known conditions of the italian juridical civil system, end up to create uncertainty and increased costs, in case of dispute. To avoid these risks, we should take care of a stage, which is either, too many times, left to improvisation, or trusted to non qualified operations: we refer to the subject matter of businesses’ contracts and their external relationship. Drawing up a contract or communicating with clients, suppliers or corporations in general, without a reflected evaluation of the various possible implications of a clause or a statement, can sometimes sow the seeds of a dispute in a court. Therfore the Society carries on the activity of company lawyer, that reveals itself both in assistance and consulting services, in the precautionary examination of contracts, preliminaries and offers, and in the orientation step during the out-of-court stages, so as during the choose of specialists or experts. To satisfy such services the offices are furnished to manage on line every kind of consultancy or research, also by its Intranet. Such services are carried out also in a continuing manner, on an annual basis. To the firms that require such services are reserved specific areas, which permit by a “password” the access to the “tracking” services of the current assignments (state of item of business, accomplished activities, accounting for each single case, by the link to the managerial device of the Society, Easylex.

Labour Law

Law firm Rebecchi & BarbieriIn the field related to the private assistance to firm, is included also the question concerning the relationship with employees, agents and collaborators in general. The Firm deals in this case with lawsuit for the workers, and in this branch it can provide with assistance, either for the attempts of conciliation in labour meetings (which have become compulsory for every kind of lawsuit) in front of the Labour Provincial Directions, or in the Court. Also in this sector, prevention imposes some operations of assistance and consultancy in the stage preceding the dispute and thus referring to CCNL’s disciplinary outline and contractual rules (that were often neglected and disregarded).

Insurance Law

The notions acquired during the years on the subject of compensation for the damage provoked by the road traffic, are cause of continued updating, because of the regular juridical and legislative evolution. Another branch of interest is constituted by the insurance disputes, connected to the transport of goods and to the general civil liability of businesses.

Trasport – Customs Law

Law firm Rebecchi & BarbieriIn the sector of transport, the Firm commits itself primarily to the transport of goods, in every sort of its: spanning from the trucking, to the sea, rail and air transport. The process of internationalization of businesses, including also those of small and medium size, is particularly flourished in the Region of Veneto and Emilia-Romagna. By the trading with foreign countries, transport and other various subsidiary questions (customs formalities, insurance, payment against documents, etc.) constitute a kind of hinge between the importer and the exporter of goods. The transfer of the above mentioned goods arises a series of implications of a certain entity on a juridical and economic level, embroiling national and international rules on the subject of sale, carriage, carrier’s liability, “all risks” insurance of goods, documentary credits and customs formalities. Incoterms, the various international Conventions for transport and shipping of goods, the use of documents representative for goods, Rules and Uniform Customs on the subject of documentary credits, are fundamental instruments for the businesses that are willing to face and interpret the international market. A service of consultancy and orientation on the subject represents the better form of prevention for businesses (which, otherwise, would be unsafe in regard to possible “dispute” abroad, whose expenses may be incredibly high). On one side technologies and potential of informatics can favour e-commerce in terms of expansion and efficiency, but on the other side can not reset the intrinsic complexity, coming from the different regulations in force in different countries, to risks connected to average or delay in the delivery of goods, to the documentary credit collection concerning supply, etc. Even the customs and tax viewpoint is sometimes understated, seeing that it can provoke dispute with the Board of Inland Revenue (for example in case evidence of the carried through exportation of goods had not been provided, or should some documents or certifications, asserting the right to a concessional tax regime, be not conforming to the law.

Social and International Law

In the Venetian quarter the Firm can provide also with assistance and defence in the social and international law.